Test Your AVsavvy: KTEB departure time (September 27)

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Suppose you have a trip from the US to Japan. Based on the information below, when do you need to leave Teterboro (KTEB) in order to arrive in Tokyo (RJAA) on October 15 at 0900 local?

Time Conversion

KTEB: – 4 from UTC
CYVR: – 7 from UTC
PANC: – 8 from UTC
UHPP: + 12 from UTC
RJAA: + 9 from UTC

Flight Times


Ground time is 1 hour per tech stop. CYVR, PANC, and UHPP are tech stops.

Based on the above information, which option below is correct? Answer below and come back next Friday to see if you got the answer right!

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