IMPORTANT UPDATE: Flying into Rome During the Papal Installation Mass (17 – 19 March)


Business Aircraft Operations into Italy

If you are planning to fly into Rome this weekend, please heed the following:

Due to the celebrations that will be taking place for the New Pope in Rome on March 19th, 2013 and due to the visiting of ~170 Head of State delegations, the traffic in LIRA/Roma Ciampino for ALL flights, private and commercial, NOT connected to the event or NOT previously authorized by the “Presidenza del Consiglio Ufficio Voli di Stato” will be subject to the following:

  • Sunday March 17th, 2013: NO overnights will be allowed, only drop off/pick up.
  • Monday March 18th, 2013: NO overnights will be allowed, only drop offs/pick ups.
  • Tuesday March 19th, 2013: All traffic will be COMPLETELY CLOSED 06.00-17.00 local (05.00-16.00 UTC). NO drop offs/pick ups will be allowed.

We hope this information helps. Safe flying and have a great weekend!