Celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary and THANK YOU for reading!

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Celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary and THANK YOU for reading!

This business aviation blog is now a year old, and we want to say “Thank you!” for being part of it all. It’s been an exciting year since our first post.

Through your feedback and readership, we’ve explored topics such as flight permit requirements, regulatory issues, and operations to sanctioned countries, to name a few. You’ve told us what’s important to you via e-mail, our Facebook page, and LinkedIn. Your comments have helped us provide the operational insights valuable to you and the rest of the business-aviation community.

We also want to thank our guest authors who have brought their own insights on various topics, including pet safety in flight, aviation taxes, SMS, aircraft cleaning, and best practices for corporate flight attendants.

Looking forward, we are excited to publish new articles already in development, and we hope to delve into many other subjects that will help you in your operation. In addition, if you have your own insights that you’d like to share with the business aviation community, we invite you to consider becoming a guest author on our blog.

As always, if you have questions regarding an article, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments area below each article. If you like or disagree with something we publish, we want to hear that too. We encourage healthy dialog.

We also want to hear your ideas for new posts you’d like us to cover. Just let us know by sending us an e-mail.

Thank you again for your readership and participation, and we look forward to celebrating another year with you.


All of us at Universal

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