Test Your AVsavvy: Can you fly direct? (Dec. 14)


Here’s another chance to test your “AVsavvy”.

Suppose you have a flight from MPTO to KLAS with passengers onboard the aircraft and have requested U.S. customs clearance. What do you need in order to fly directly to KLAS?

Additional information

With VWP registration, you may bring passengers from 36 currently participating countries to the U.S. without U.S. visas. All non-U.S. passengers must have an ESTA (good for two years or until the applicants passport expires, whichever is sooner). Crew should confirm that all passengers have either U.S. visas or ESTAs. Always carry a copy of your VWP approval aboard your aircraft to show to Customs on arrival. You may land at any airport of entry (AOE) as long as Customs can process non-U.S. nationals at that location (check with your 3rd-party provider). The VWP covers passengers only. The crew will need to have visas prior to arrival. Crew can be designated as ‘passengers’ so long as they arrive and leave the U.S. as passengers, have filled out the ESTA, are a national of one of the approved VWP countries and are dressed in plain non-crew attire. Passengers who arrive in the U.S. aboard your aircraft may stay up to 90 days and are permitted to make side trips to Canada, Mexico, or adjacent islands during this period without a U.S. visa. For more information on adjacent islands, please reference the following link:


A BOE allows you to overfly the first designated airport of entry (AOE) when arriving into the U.S. from below the 30th parallel in the eastern U.S., and below the 33rd parallel in the western U.S. This covers all flights from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, and French Polynesia. All criteria set forth on the BOE approval must be met in order to use it for your flight. If you are utilizing a BOE, it should be listed in remarks section 18 on your flight plan. Without it, you must land at the first designated AOE. For a list of the designated AOEs please click here.

To take advantage of BOE benefits, you must have at least one approved passenger onboard the aircraft. Flight crew members cannot be listed as passengers. A BOE is meant to provide added convenience for passengers by avoiding an additional stop to clear customs and not for deadheading home. However, occasionally Customs officers at some airports of entry (AOEs) may allow an aircraft with crew only to return to home base on a BOE. In these cases, be sure to get approval in advance. Keep in mind that certain regions, such as the Northeastern U.S., can be particularly inflexible in allowing crew-only flights to operate under a BOE. Additionally, if a CEO or other passenger has a pilot license and flies the aircraft occasionally, he or she may be able to register under both crew and passenger on the BOE application.

Based on the above information, which option below is correct? Answer below and come back next Friday to see if you got the answer right!

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