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In last Friday’s AVsavvy question, we showed you a flight schedule and some information in the airports in that schedule. Then we asked you to find the error.


Below is answer and explanation. Thank you to everyone who participated. We’re happy to say a majority of you got the answer right!

Answer 1. Aircraft can’t operate, regardless if you have a landing permit or airport slots approved since you can’t operate intra-China (ZBAA-ZSPD-ZBAA) without a navigator.
Wrong answer. A navigator is only required for operations to domestic airports. Both ZBAA and ZSPD are airports of entry.

Answer 2. The aircraft can’t operate ZBAA-ZSPD-ZBAA even with a landing permit and airport slots because per regulation only one arrival or departure slot will be issued per aircraft per day during peak hours.
Correct answer. Per regulations for ZBAA and ZSPD during peak hours only one arrival or departure slot will be issued per aircraft per day. Furthermore, aircraft can’t arrive and depart during peak hours on the same day. Based on the schedule, ZBAA-ZSPD-ZBAA operations are during peak hours so this option needs to be revised.

Answer 3. The aircraft can’t operate PANC-ZBAA, even with a landing permit and airport slots, because per regulation no aircraft can arrival or depart during ZBAA peak hours.
Wrong answer. Aircraft arrives in ZBAA after peak hours.

Answer 4. There are no issues with the schedule, and pilot can operate this flight as long as the aircraft has the permits.
Wrong answer. The current schedule has the aircraft operating ZBAA-ZSPD-ZBAA during peak hours for each leg. This schedule needs to be revised, as CAA and airport authorities won’t grant permission with the current times.

Answer 5. This aircraft can operate the above schedule except for ZBAA-PANC due to the ZBAA peak hour restrictions.
Wrong answer. The aircraft is departing after peak hours from ZBAA.

How did you like this week’s AVsavvy question? Would you like to us to put together more AVsavvy questions in the future? Let us know in the comments area below.

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