UEFA Champions League Final in Munich: 4 Tips for BizAv Operators


The UEFA Champions League final will take place in Munich (EDDM) on 19 May 2012. As this final is fast approaching, there are a few things to keep in mind for that period of time which may impact your business aviation operation:

  1. High traffic for the city of Munich due to the final
  2. Increased traffic at the airport EDDM
  3. Increased prices and sold-out situations at hotels due to the large event

Here are some tips to consider if you are planning to fly to Munich for this event:

1. Know EDDM airport restrictions and slot requirements

EDDM is an airport of entry that operates from 0600 to 2200 local. The airport authorities are stringent regarding the operating hours of the airport, so all aircraft must arrive before the closure unless it’s an ambulance flight. Overtime may be requested with at least 24 hours’ notice for commercial operating aircraft only that are at least a stage 3 noise-level and have a minimum of 12,000 kg maximum takeoff weight (MTOW).

The airport also requires airports slots for all arrivals and departures, which can be requested up to six weeks in advance. The allowed airport slot deviation is -/+ 20 minutes. All airport slot confirmations are accompanied by a 10-digit airport slot-ID number which must be placed in remarks section 18 of the flight plan when filed for both arrival and departure. The airport slots may be requested through your ground handler or directly with the slot coordinator office and must be submitted in general aviation clearance request (GCR) format. Due to the increased traffic expected at EDDM, avoid last-minute revisions if at all possible.

2. Make your hotel and ground transportation requirements yesterday!

With the increased traffic at EDDM, hotels will be in high demand, and some may experience a sold out situation. If you are traveling to this location during this period, you may also be requested to provide a non-refundable deposit for hotel rooms, and in some cases bookings may be non-cancellable. Also, pre-paid ground transportation may be a limited resource, so bookings should be made as soon as possible.

3. Start working on your landing permits

For charter (non-scheduled commercial) non-EU flights, a landing permit is also required. German Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires five working days with a minimum of three working days to process a landing permit request. Documentation including the German Questionnaire, specific German insurance, and Air Operator’s Certificate are to be submitted with the request. We recommend that this landing permit process start as early as possible, in case revisions to documents submitted are required. The landing permit is valid for 24 hours from the time of scheduled operation, so any schedule changes beyond 24 hours will require a revision. CAA Germany requires at least 48 working hours’ notice for all revisions to be processed.

4. Have fun

The UEFA Champions League Final will be an exciting event that thousands of people will watch. Making arrangements for your trip to EDDM may require additional logistics to ensure that the services requested are obtained in time for the event.
We hope that if you are attending the game, it’s an enjoyable and memorable experience!


If you have any questions about this article, contact me at jessicahosmer@univ-wea.com.