How to use this calendar

If you’re ready to jump right in and investigate the functionality in the calendar, go right ahead. But if you feel like you need a bit more guidance, utilize the links below for detailed instructions on what’s included and the features included to help you best maximize this pre-planning tool.

Purpose of this planning calendar

You need more than a reminder of when events and holidays take place. You need a planning tool that makes you aware of key planning dates for high-traffic events and holidays that will have a significant impact on business aviation. You should begin planning for some of the events in this calendar, months – and in certain instances – even a year in advance. We hope you can use this calendar as a planning resource that will help you manage your stakeholders’ expectations, whether you plan to attend any of the listed events or if you might be in the region or operating during a holiday that could potentially impact your trip.

How to find an event or holiday

There are several ways to identify events and holidays in this online calendar.


Know what event or holiday you’re looking for already? You can search for an event or holiday by name. You can also search by country to identify events that may be taking place there. After identifying the event or holiday you are looking for, click the link, which will provide you with the optimal hotel planning and operations planning (slots, parking, ground transportation, etc.) start dates for that event.

View month-by-month:


If you don’t have a specific event in mind and just want to get an overall view of what’s taking place in a given month, you can do so by going to the Calendar menu and selecting the month you wish to view. The month view will display all events and holidays occurring that month broken down into six color-coded categories.

Event and holiday categories

Events and holidays are broken down into two color-coded categories, allowing you to quickly scan a month.

High-traffic event dates:

The actual date a high-traffic event takes place is included in the calendar in green. Example: The World Economic Forum takes place Jan. 20-23, 2016. On the month view for January, the World Economic Forum is highlighted from Jan. 20-23 in green.

Hotel planning date:

Ideal hotel planning dates require advance planning, sometimes up to a year in advance of an event. On each page of the calendar spread, we’ve included a Hotel Planning Guide that lists the recommended planning date start times for various events.

Below is an approximate planning guideline for hotel planning.

Type of event Recommended lead time for planning hotels
Meetings and conferences 3-6+ months prior to the event
Seasonal destinations (Caribbean, ski country, etc.) 3-6+ months prior to the event or travel
Major annual sporting events (Grand Prix, Wimbledon) 6+ months prior to the event
Olympics and World Cup 12+ months prior to the event
Air Shows (Paris Air Show) 6-12+ months prior to the event
World Summits and Forums (World Economic Forum) 12+ months prior to the event

Operations planning:

On each month of the calendar spread, we’ve included a link that will take you to a page that lists the High-traffic event’s ideal operations planning date for that month. For example, when you are looking at the January calendar spread, to see what events you should begin planning for, click the Begin Operations planning link to see all events you should begin planning for in January. Operations planning dates take into consideration (parking, slots, ground transportation, security, etc.) For Hotel planning dates, please reference the Hotel planning date chart located on each calendar spread page.

World holidays:

These are internationally recognized holidays that are non-country specific. The actual date a world holiday takes place is included in the calendar in yellow. Example: Diwali 2016 takes place Oct. 30, 2016. On the month view for October, Diwali is blocked off on 30 October in yellow.

Note: Locations and planning dates for world and national holidays were not included because the impact of major holidays is spread across multiple locations with varying degrees of impact. Contact your trip support team with specific questions on potential impact.

We want your feedback!

We recognize that this is not a comprehensive list of every country’s national holidays. If you would like to submit additional national holidays that impact business aviation planning, please send them to

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