Business Aviation Planning Calendar

2015 Business Aviation Planning Calendar | Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

A planning tool to help you reduce the operating risk associated with major world events and holidays

With workloads increasing, lead times decreasing, and an ever-changing regulatory environment, you need practical tools to help you pre-plan your critical missions. This is especially true for operations to high-traffic and industry events, or to regions impacted by major world holidays.

The 2015 Business Aviation Planning Calendar was created as a tool to help you navigate through the unique circumstances surrounding these special events. In this year’s calendar, you will find:

  • 80+ high-traffic and industry events that require extensive pre-planning
  • 70 major world holidays that could impact your business aviation mission
  • Average lead times required to secure hotels at major world events
  • Operational insights and tips to help you plan more effectively

We hope this tool not only helps you to exceed your stakeholders’ expectations, but also helps to reduce the risks associated with operating to these events or during these holidays.

How does this calendar fit into your workflow?

We’re committed to providing you with the tools that fit into your unique workflow. Please send your thoughts and feedback on this calendar and how we can improve the 2016 edition to

As we enter 2015, please know that the success of your critical missions is always our top priority. When your missions win, the flight department wins, and only then does Universal win. We’re in this together.

Wishing you great success in 2015!


Ralph J. Vasami
Chief Executive Officer
Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

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