September 4, 2015

Stansted, UK (Sept. 4, 2015)Universal Aviation UK – London-Stansted (EGSS) is recommending business aircraft operators planning to attend the Rugby World Cup 2015 United Kingdom begin developing an operating strategy as soon as possible. The Rugby World Cup 2015 will be held at various venues in England and Wales between September 17 and October 31.

“There are many airport options for those attending the games in the London area, but before selecting a location, it’s important to review hours of operation for smaller airports, particularly for games outside the London area,” advised Jason Hayward, General Manager, Universal Aviation UK.

“Airports of Entry (AOEs) with full general aviation (GA) support services are available near all Rugby World Cup events. Be aware, however, that not all locations operate 24/7, and overtime options vary depending on the particular airport. So if your passengers want to depart immediately following late evening games, you’ll want to use a 24/7 airport — such as London-Stansted Int’l — that has excellent road and rail links to the capital.”

Although aircraft parking should not be an issue for Rugby World Cup events, it’s important for charter operators to consider UK permit requirements, lead times, and ground transportation options, added Hayward.

“Prepaid ground transport (car with driver) is often the chosen method for travel locally within the UK, but the roads will be highly congested near stadium areas on event days, and local highways may be clogged with traffic,” said Hayward. “We recommend planning to leave for a game location at least two or three hours prior to start time. If you want to leave for a stadium closer to game time, use mass public transport options – either the subway or train system – to avoid clogged highways (motorways) and road closures around stadiums. While rail transport will be crowded, it will get you close to event venues.”

In addition, operators who are not attending the event but will be in the area during the same period will still have to contend with these high-traffic period issues.

For more information on operating to the Rugby World Cup 2015, including a full list of available airport hours, charter permit requirements and lead times, and regulatory considerations such as European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) and UK Air Passenger Duty, please visit the Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. blog.

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