November 14, 2015

Tampa, Florida (November 9, 2015) – Air Culinaire Worldwide announced today that it has officially launched the first crowdsourced in-flight catering menu in the business aviation industry. The menu includes items and concepts based on direct input from the corporate flight attendant community.

“We are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve for culinary trends, and working directly with corporate flight attendants on this menu has allowed us to better focus on the trends that are the most impactful for them,” said Roger Leemann, VP, Culinary Operations. “Prioritizing what is important to corporate flight attendants has allowed us to concentrate our efforts on the flavors and styles that keep our menu fresh and forward thinking.”

Air Culinaire Worldwide worked with a group of more than 120 corporate flight attendants over the span of three months to gather input into every facet of the menu and packaging. Air Culinaire Worldwide has now introduced a ceramic packaging option, as well as a new a la carte menu category, thanks to the feedback from the flight attendant community.

“We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of all of our clients, with corporate flight attendants being a key part of everything we do as a company,” said Stacey Farooqui, Director of Marketing. “The best way to produce a menu that does just that is to work directly with the community to understand what they want to see on the menu. Through the unparalleled reach of social media, we now have a menu that includes crowdsourced items in which the whole community can feel ownership.”

Air Culinaire Worldwide plans to repeat the use of a corporate flight attendant focus group, which is held on Facebook, for upcoming menus. If you are a member of the business aviation community and you are interested in providing input for 2016 menus, please contact

For more information on Air Culinaire Worldwide and access to resources such as menus, articles with tips and suggestions to improve a total in-flight catering experience, visit, or call +1 (813) 449-6000.

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